At Maximus Protective Services, Inc., we strive to provide our customers with the best service possible. Our company strength and reputation will always ride and depend heavily on our ability to perform our duties in a professional, effective and respectful manner. We are a young company with great ambition and a vision of continued growth and expansion, which will be attained only through the delivery of quality services to our clients. We know this is an extremely competitive industry, but are confident we will succeed because of our determination, effort, diligence and commitment to excellence.

We will continue to compete with larger and more recognized companies by constructing a symbol of excellence and professionalism. We will also continue to compete against smaller less professional companies, which take short cuts in order to offer services at a lower rate that produces a lower quality level of service as well. DEPENDABILITY, ATTENTION TO DUTY AND INTEGRITY are the pillars that will sustain our efforts in providing the highest level of service, which in turn will bring us continued growth and prosperity.

In order to reach our goals, we will encourage, expect and demand this quality of service and commitment from all of our employees regardless of rank or title. Your continued employment and future with MAXIMUS will depend on your ability, attitude and willingness to perform above and beyond the average level of service delivered by most security companies. We must be able to count on you!

In the security service industry, there are five characteristics that knowledgeable people recognize and use to determine if the security officer and his/her company is any good.

• Alert

Being aware of everything around them at all times is paramount to prevention when it comes to security.

• Approachable

Being open to communication is a key component to maintain peace.

• Physically Fit

The physical condition of an individual speaks volumes about their discipline.

• Well Groomed

The personal appearance of an individual offers important insight to their attention to detail.

• Body Posture

How an individual stands and the position of their hands will tell if they are committed to the job or just getting through a shift. Good Security should appear bold and strong yet approachable, and people should always feel safe in their presence.

If you're looking for a challenge and feel this truly describes the character and type of individual you are, then and only then, feel free to apply with Maximus Protective Services Inc. (MPS).