This is what we provide when you contract with Maximus:

• We are a fully bonded company, which eliminates all worries on your part.

• We have all the required licenses and permits on file and will present them to you at the time of contract or upon your request.

• We seek to employ only the most responsible and knowledgeable personnel.

• Our officers receive a background check through the FBI and DOJ and are also cleared through Megan's Law, to confirm their affinity to their chosen career.

• We ensure our employees possess ALL required permits and certificates and have a high degree of initiative, commitment and integrity.

• Because we are certified instructors, we are able to better prepare our officers and provide them with the technical and practical knowledge necessary to deliver the best service possible.

• Our officers receive on-going training to keep them updated in their skills and highly motivated.

• Maximus Protective Services also maintains copies of all training certificates in our employees' personnel files in our office.

Whether armed or unarmed, we ascertain our security officers possess all required certifications and training to ensure their knowledge and skills will allow them to excel in the performance of their duties.

Any shortcomings are quickly addressed by providing them with superior training. They also receive any additional training deemed necessary to match any assignment as we tailor our services to our clients' requests and needs.

The same is true of our off-duty and/or retired Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs). We only contract the ones we can trust to perform a superb job and deliver nothing less than top service to our clients. Our officers are seasoned and experienced officers in all aspects of law enforcement and come from a variety of areas and disciplines.