Welcome to Maximus Protective Services


"Maximus focuses on providing Leve-2 and Level-3 category of security officers unlike most companies that generally provide you with Level-1 guards. We can also provide armed security officers to meet your security needs".

Our Off-Duty experienced personnel are law enforcement and/or military professionals who are highly qualified to provide the protective services you need. Whether it is high or low visibility, they can assist to bring you peace of mind, so you can remain focused on the business at hand, or relax with family and/or friends. Our officers will safeguard your privacy and safety as well as that of your relatives, friends or associates.

At Maximus, we are aware of current trends and we understand the development, evolution and requirements of effective Executive Protection programs. Our personnel will perform efficient protection in a low-key manner, but ensuring your safety by planning ahead and remaining proactive anticipating the need for a quick extraction in order to safeguard your well being.